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desktop / laptop service & Repair

We repair & service all brands

We handle all desktop & laptop repairs locally at our store. We have space dedicated for just hardware repairs. Designed for optimal space to handle any internal or external service to your computers

Laptop LCD Repair / Replacement Laptop Motherboards, Hard Drives, Optical drives, Memory, Inverters, Keyboards and more.

All desktop repairs: Including new cases, motherboards, hard drives, modems, ethernet cards, graphic cards, data cables, heatsink & fans and more.

all hardware & software issues

we handle all software issues.


We specialize in Virus Removal: We have dedicated Networks designed just for Virus Removals. With these networks we run several programs at the same time to remove all infections and repair any damage done. This way doing a much faster and complete job than most companies can do.

Other Services: Data Recovery, System Optimization, Full Operating system installs, Software Installs and removal, Data Transfer and much more!!

Give us a call about any questions you have today.

Business services & local on-sites

wide range of on-site services

We offer On-Site services for the local area.

We do home & business networking. Everything from single story wireless routers to large building access point installs. We install large area wired networking for data and print sharing. We have done installs for local hotels & schools.

For some things its best for us to handle In-Store, Give us a call and we can provide you with the correct solution.